Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mood Rajin Nak BerbLog..

Tetibe ade mOod Nk wt entry.. time wat bLog waLking td, terbaca entry dri one of faVourite blogger sy.. dya ( pas tue, berminat lak nk trY.. so, scroLL down ur moUse pLease.. hehe..

1. Best place to cry?
If mood sgt seday, mane2 je leY naNgis.. even kt shopping coMplex.. haHa.. but, sy nie hati batu.. hoho~ (hanya 2 tHing jeK yaNg leY wat sy seNag touching.. hehe~)

2. The thing you love the most?
Family, lover, life n IMAN

3. Tell us your dream last night?
Rahsia la.. Malu.. hehe~

4. Ever hate someone so bad?
Kadang-kadang.. tp aKAn cepat lupakan.. hehe~

5. The biggest lie you've heard?
nOt sure..

6. Ever lied to someone you love the most?
Yup. But, untuk jaga perasaan n perhubungan termasuk family.. huhu~

7. What's the worst thing you've ever done?
Tak belajar betul time form 4 n 5.. huhu~

8. Wanna be someone else than yourself?

9. Ever slapped someone?
YES. My younger sister. 1 n only. N i promise, tue last i slap her. kekerasan tidak mampu mengajar seseorang tentang kehidupan.

10. Last time you cried?
Yesterday. Ramadhan nie, makan je mUntah.. makan muntaH.. serius boring n saket sampai t'nangis.. huhu~

11. Biggest crush?
Asyraf Muslim!

12. Last mall you went to?
City Square.. nak lagi tepat, Tesco Seri Alam. but bgi saya tue da bukan mall coz ari2 akan ke tesco.. dah macam pasar ikan da.. haha~

13. Last friend you talked to?
Angah. dye jek yg akan i call n sms ary3. hehe~

14. Last favourite Indonesia song that you've heard?
D'Masiv.. Jangan menyerah.

15. Last person who hates you?
No idea.

16. Biggest lie you said?
No idea.

17. Who do you think is the most ambitious person you know?
Myself.. hehe..

18. What do you want to eat right now?
Steamboat n aYam goreng mcd.. saNgat gilerkannya.. hehe.. but, rindu sama popeye's la.. kt jb xde.. huhu~

19. Where you at?
johor. masai. depan tv n lappy.

20. Have you EVER failed a subject at school?
never. tp hampir2.. sejarah.. haha~

21. What's on your mind right now?
fikir nak bina life dengan lebih baik.

22. Honestly, who are you chatting online right now?
no. not intereted.

23. What is it that you REALLY should be doing right now?
Jumpa Iman. Kangen..!

24. Have you brushed your teeth today?
Min 2x 1day.

25. Who's your best friends in the world?

26. Honestly, who do you think is the hottest person alive?
No idea.

27. Honestly, are you a good friend?
No idea..

28. Honestly, do you really think going to school is important?
of course!

29. Honestly, who makes you happy most of the time?
family , lover n IMAN..

30. Honestly, what makes you so sad about right now?
tinggalkan my lil sis wif my bro.. huhu..

31. Honestly, how old are you now?
will be 23 years old on 9 november.

p/s : Dya, izinkan ayein copy taw.. weee~