Friday, January 21, 2011


uit.. lama gler xupdated blog nie..
hampir2 lupa suda.. hihi..

da 2011 kan kita,, umur poWn da mniNgkat..
but, i stiLL awek muda g.. hihi..

noW, i got nEw liFe.. i kerja wif trvel agent cmpany..
very intrsting coMpany.. dpt bOss yg veRy da suPerb..!!
haHA.. life i skunK pOwn da byaK bruBAh..
b4 dis, without hIm.. i onlY haVe iMan..
iman segaLanye.. smpi i lupa boUt my liFe..

mjur de kwan yg myedarkn i.. aYeiN..!!! pk ttg dri u k..
u muz b stroNg.. tp cmne erk..
yeLA, b4 diz.. 4years.. time i ngn him..
i sgt d mnJAkn.. d sygi.. so, of cOZ la i jdi xindependent.. hihi..
but noW, sume 2 da xde.. i kne kuat.. bkn dYe je yg ley myaYanGi n mBhagiakn i...
my beloved fwenZ, aYu.. thAnxs 4 ur suPport...

life musT go On..
in 2011 i got a lot of new fwenz.. sgt apy..
voz i da jdi cm dLu.. b4 coupLe.. haHA..
sy sGt aPy ng new life skuNk..

****actually xtaw nK ckp pe.. tlis pOWn da mgarut2.. ngeeee~

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